Happy December, readers, and welcome to the 12 Dranks of Christmas, our celebration of the season by way of recipes from The Merrie Christmas Drink Book. Discovered at a thrift store in Texas by RMFR Den Mother Joey Adelstein, and then gifted to us last year, the kitsch-tasticRocky Mountain Food Report, drink recipe, food news, Colorado Springs little tome covers cocktails, mulled wines and party punch bowls. Sprinkled throughout are festive poems and helpful advice:

“Cocktails are usually served as appetizers or aperitifs, before a meal. Such cocktails should therefore be tart or ‘dry’ to stimulate appetite. Such cocktails, being mostly liquor and only a small part flavoring or sweetening, are more potent as well as less sweet.”

The following recipes are for strong, dry cocktails. But there are times when sweeter, weaker cocktails are suitable. When your guests are not regular drinkers there should be more emphasis on fruit juices and sweetening than on liquor.”

So basically, the Merrie Christmas Drink Book is down.

If you want a piece of that, we’ll publish one recipe a day, starting today, on Facebook and Instagram. Look out for the Artillery Punch. You’ll like that one.

[Images: Edie Crawford]