Last night, owner Brother Luck and executive chef Mark Henry of Brother Luck Street Eats hosted a 7 Deadly Sins dinner to bring awareness to local Colorado Springs organization The Exodus Road, which works internationally and domestically to fight human trafficking.



Spokeswoman Nikki Lee shared some insight on the organization and was present during the dinner to answer any questions and share her experiences traveling abroad with Exodus Road.

“We feel so far removed, but we have it happening right here,” Lee says.  There are over 40 million people worldwide that are enslaved. Exodus Road says it has made a difference for over 700 families by intervening and  saving them from modern day slavery.

It definitely brought some mindfulness to the meal as I was deeply moved by Nikki’s passion and the courageous efforts made by Exodus Road. On the other hand, the 7 Deadly Sins menu left me feeling … quite heavenly.

ENVY: Green-Tea-Infused Moscow Mule

GREED: Barcat Oysters, Seared Foie Gras, Peaches, Watermelon Mignette

Elevated surf and turf to make you feel fancy with Swiss chard from the garden out back to keep it grounded

WRATH: Duck Ramen, Gochujang Egg, Alkaline Noodles, Pickled Habanero

Not your college ramen: Tender sliced duck breast layered across spicy kimchi with a farm fresh, soft, boiled egg

VANITY: Peach and Strawberry Infused Lee Spirit’s Gin

GLUTTONY: Crispy Pork Belly, Chipotle Seed Jowl, Nduja Spreadable Salami, Whipped Lardo, and Olive Oil Poached Loin with Summer Vegetables

A pork party courtesy of CornerPost Farms

SLOTH: 291 Distillery Bourbon Ice Cream and Laughing Lab Beer Float


LUST: Chocolate Smore Eclair, Pâté Choux filled with Marshmallow and Covered with Hot Chocolate Ganache

A campfire favorite improved upon with a graham cracker eclair. Glamping anyone?

[Images: Dionne Roberts]