A collection of food-related stories from across the web.

• The world wastes a third of its food — 1.3 billion tons — every year. However, a under-recognized U.S. law, called the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, offers protections to restaurants looking to donate leftovers. [USA Today]

• Twenty-one nutrition scientists met in a Boston room last week. “Ninety minutes into the meeting, we were still trying to agree what the hell a vegetable was.” [STAT]

• A Thanksgiving calculator to tell you how much food you’ll need based on your guest list. [Lifehacker]

Colorado is the king of the fast-casual revolution, including recently launched, Colorado Springs-based Carve. “The millennials are the one who are really pushing this. They are eating out 6 or 7 times a week.They want groovy, they want spicy, they want bold.” [KUNC] Self-serve beer is the next frontier in the segment. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

• Speaking of, Denver-based fast-casual spot Modmarket is now Modern Market after a trademark dispute. [Modern Market]

• French cooking god Joël Robuchon plans to open an international culinary school “on the site of a monastery-hospital, which is a French listed building, in Montmorillon, in the Vienne region of western France” in 2018. [Malay Mail]

Jack in the Box has “informed our egg suppliers of our expectation that they transition the majority of our egg supply to cage-free by 2020 …” [Jack in the Box]

• Domino’s has reduced ordering time to one push-button gadget. [Evening Standard]

• West-coast crabs from Oregon, Washington and California have all taken a hit from dangerous levels of domoic acid found in the animals. “The massive bloom of algae caused by warming ocean conditions this year has led to more toxins produced and consumed by shellfish.” [Seattle Times]

• McDonald’s has settled a lawsuit from the Department of Justice alleging the fast-food company discriminated against immigrant employees. [Department of Justice]

Whole Foods’ turkeys aren’t what you think, but the overall problem is “compassion for animal — that is, practicing true welfare — makes it impossible to raise them en masse.” [Slate]