Yesterday, UCCS police officer Garrett Swasey’s watch was prematurely ended after he responded to calls for help from the Planned Parenthood shooting, leaving his wife Rachel and two children. Two others were killed.

It hurts like hell to think about what happened.

In response, JAK’s Brewing Company in Peyton is offering to buy all first-responders a beer.

In memory of Officer Garrett Swasey and to give thanks to the first responders who bravely responded to the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs yesterday, we at JAKs would like to buy all first responders a beer,” says the brewery in a post. “All we ask is before you take the first sip is that you have a toast to Officer Swasey and all our fallen heroes. For those that don’t drink beer, we have home brewed root beer also. #thankyouheroes

An educational fund for Swasey’s children has been started; you can find it here. The original goal was $5,000, but because Colorado Springs is the best place on Earth, it currently sits at $30,540. You can also contact Aventa Credit Union and donate to the Garrett Swasey Memorial Fund.