The other day, in a failed quest for döner kebab, I visited a snowy Manitou Springs with a friend. It turns out this particular kiosk was closed for the winter, but it did lead to the best damn cup of Turkish coffee I’ve ever had when we swung into a spot down the street.

The beverage ($2.99) came courtesy of Heart of Jerusalem, the longtime local restaurant with a second location on Austin Bluffs Parkway, and arrived in the traditional copper cezveThis refill arrangement keeps the super-fine grounds in the bottom and not in your cup (and makes you feel like the coffee never stops).

And man, did I never want this stuff to stop. It was dark, roast-y and rich, but with an addicting citrus freshness that cut and balanced the brew, a sort of liquid orange chocolate.

Later phone calls to the restaurant revealed a recipe that includes Arabica espresso grounds, sugar and cardamom, though our server at the time mentioned orange zest — the predominant “fresh” flavor I was picking up — and several other spices.

Whatever it was, more please, and thank you.

[Image: Bryce Crawford]