On Friday, August 31, at 5:30 p.m. Goat Patch Brewing Company taps our collaboration beer, a blood orange IPA, we made with brewer, Dylan Houghton, on Friday, August 10. We opt for a simple malt bill combined with oats, plus Azacca, Mosaic and Warrior hops that creates a slightly tart and satiating glass of bright nectar.

“We wanted to do a fruit beer and we threw some oats in to give a little bit of creaminess to the body to go with the blood orange juiciness,” says Houghton. “It tastes fruity with a hoppy finish.”

Dylan Houghton, brewer at Goat Patch Brewing Co. “The Home of Balanced Brews.”

Houghton adds five gallons of blood orange puree and an additional five gallons of blood orange juice concentrate from Source of Nature based in Wellington, Colorado. The end result delivers an easy-drinking, upgraded beermosa that comes in at an approachable 5.1-percent ABV and 52 IBU.

*Header image courtesy of REN Creativ