The online reservation service OpenTable just released its Top 100 best restaurants in the United States for 2015, and Carlos’ Bistro, owner Carlos Echeandia’s longtime fine-dining staple, is repping Colorado Springs, the only local eatery to do so.

The rankings come from the website’s analysis of over 5 million reviews of over 20,000 restaurants nationwide, OpenTable says. The top restaurant on the list is St. Francis Winery & Vineyards in Santa Rosa, Calif.

OpenTable’s somewhat muddled description of the restaurant reads, “In the beginning there has been one word in Carlos’ Bistro, Beautiful. The excellence and the experience of the best in Colorado Springs. Carlos (Owner, Executive Chef, and Matradee) provides a warm and welcoming experience to all of our customers, making everyone feel special at home and relaxed.”

Local critics have certainly agreed, with the Indy writing, “It truly is a dining experience unlike any other” in 2013, and the Gazette echoing the sentiment in a 2014 review: “The spins on preparation elevate it to another dimension.”