Like the prolific cocktail itself, the origin story of the margarita is a little bit hazy, but the  roots of the tequila-based drink can be traced back as early as the late 1930s. Cocktail historians reference a liquid evolution that stems from the Daisy, a classic cocktail popular during the same era, consisting of light grain alcohol (usually tequila) with citrus and grenadine, served over shaved ice. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that margarita means “daisy” in Spanish and today’s traditional recipe, whether you order it on the rocks or frozen, is one of the most popular drinks found on any menu.

As the weather warms up (and hopefully sticks around) and Cinco de Mayo arrives, we’re leaning hard into the best of the best in the Springs when it comes to this refreshing, lime-laden libation. But, of course, the tangy cocktail can infuse a shot of sunshine into any fickle weather. These certainly will. In no particular order, here are our picks for the top 10 best margaritas in Colorado Springs.

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