Starting yesterday, Cheers Liquor Mart became the first local store to carry Colorado Springs-based Colorado Common Cider.

“After a long wait we have finally begun bottling our Summit House cider and our Original cider,” the company says on its website. “We are working around the clock to get our fantastic cider on shelves near you.”

We’ve been hearing about owner and brewer Matthew Bonno’s cider since his 2013 Kickstarter, which only raised $9,000 of a hoped for $21,000 but ultimately attracted private investment as well.

Here’s how he described the cider at the time:

“Well first there is the apple, not too sweet but not dry either. Then there are the notes … a little orange, a little floral but both incredibly balanced. To wrap it all up is the bubbles, lightly carbed like a good craft beer.”

For its part, Cheers celebrated the addition on Facebook with, “We LOVE being 1st! Welcome to Cheers Colorado Common Hard Cider. Locally made. Locally sold.”