At RMFR we clearly express our love of all things pertinent in Colorado’s food and beverage scene, but we also have a deep appreciation for sustainability and Denver-based craft winery, Bigsby’s Folly, expounds upon the über practical canned wine trend with a brilliant concept adorably referred to as a “Cottle,” a sleek, portable, aluminum bottle. The recent launch of the Bigsby’s Folly Cottle includes their Rosé of Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon in an innovative presentation that we are simply wild about featuring artwork of the founders/husband-wife team, Chad and Marla Yetka’s first golden retriever, “Bigsby.” Eager to know more, we catch up with Mrs. Marla in their RiNo, roaring 20’s style tasting room/restaurant/event space to discuss their innovative approach to packaging what is some truly delicious fermented grape juice.

“We wanted to make the same premium wine we have in our tasting room, available in a format for active lifestyles,” says Marla. “We needed a vessel that could convey the high standards of what the consumer can expect inside, and also wanted it to represent the shape of a traditional wine bottle. Nothing existed that met our vision, so we created it.”

Just as screw top bottles were once received poorly, canned wine still warrants it’s fair share of criticism as negative perceptions arise from what oftentimes yields a lower quality product. Not the case here. Bigsby’s Folly Cottle wines are made with grapes from prestigious California vineyards selected by their Napa-based winemaker, Brian Graham, who oversees winery operations in Denver, and at their Sonoma, California production facility. Their sought after 2018 Rosé recently took home an impressive 96 points at The Rosé Experience in Healdsburg, California, among over 800 entries, earning Bigsby’s Double Gold.

While typical wine cans are 250 or 375mL, these 500mL Cottles (the equivalent of 3 glasses or 2/3 of a traditional bottle) allow for more capacity in a resealable, sturdy (we tested it…) and lightweight design. This exciting evolution for canned wine, which has become increasingly popular (and one of the fastest growing segments in the industry) brings craft to the consumer with smart and eco-aware methodology.

“Living in Colorado, where the outdoor lifestyle is so prominent, it just made sense,” says Marla. “Then we realized how beneficial it would be for people all across the country — enjoying outdoor activities, concerts, ball games, the beach, picnics and more — to have an easy, portable way to enjoy high-quality wine in places where glass isn’t allowed or practical.”

These limited edition, first-run Cottles are available at Argonaut Wine & Liquor and other select retailers (Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc retail for $14.99 & Cabernet Sauvignon for $16.99), various sports and entertainment venues across the Denver metro area and online. A percentage of sales benefits the Morris Animal Foundation, one of the largest animal health organizations in the world, whose mission is dedicated to science and research as a means to advance animal health.

*All images courtesy of Bigsby’s Folly