It’s hard to dispute the health benefits that a booze break offers both your body and mind, and recently I took a hiatus from the sauce to reset. At the start I found myself a little uneasy about the effects it would have on my social life, but the experience gave me a firsthand view of an acute awareness swirling around Colorado Springs cocktail bars and restaurants to provide inclusive, accessible and tasty nonalcoholic options. 

Whether you’re sober, expecting, participating in nonalcoholic months like Sober October or simply interested in integrating mocktails into a more responsible drinking approach, we can thank the youngins for this push toward a more enlightened way of imbibing. According to an article published by the BBC, “Gen Zers are growing up sober curious,” and a rising percentage of young adults worldwide are opting to drink considerably less than that of older generations. It seems Colorado Springs is no exception.

Savor the same great flavors at the Wobbly Olive, but bypass the “wobble out” exit.

Whatever your reason for exploring mocktails and nonalcoholic alternatives, here are a few of our favorite local places, where you can partake in the same craft quality and well-deserved escapism — minus the burn and, thankfully, any hangxiety the next morning.

The sober movement is growing and to find our list of favorite local spots for craft mocktails click here.

Header photo: ECosta Photo