Look on the bright side.

We all have our own special holiday traditions when it comes to food. Whether you and yours relish in the presentation of a beef tenderloin roast, must execute yams topped with mallows or choose to bake a staple dessert, we each gravitate towards certain dishes we deem necessary to complete our festive tablescapes. We too have a special supporter in the form of a wintry, root vegetable salad that we make all throughout the fall and winter months that acts as a healthy, colorful contribution to the main event.

This time last year we had the opportunity to visit beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, to collaborate with television chef Christy Rost on our go-to side dish. Watch our full length video segment here where we rip into some Swiss shard, dice up our favorites– beets and since we’re “cooking,” sip on some vino while taking in the snowy scenery that surrounds the splendor of her historic Swans Nest mansion.

Find out why Rost says our side dish has her feeling “inspired” and stay tuned for more segments to air on our budding YouTube channel.

Happy Holidays folks and stay safe.

*All imagery courtesy of Christy Rost