Among other efforts, Bristol Brewing Co.’s progressive Forgotten Genius Series has done a lot to alleviate some fans’ concerns (including yours truly) that there wasn’t a lot of variety to the brand.

The previous three — World Peace Death Ray, Automoton and Knob Hill — have been impressive hits. The fourth will be released tonight at a special party in the Ivywild School Gym from 7 to 9 p.m. Its identity was a closely held secret — until now. Bristol hosted the Food Report yesterday for an exclusive first tasting of the brew, and we can say it’s a real beauty.

Called Wireless Warlock — after the wireless innovations pioneered by Colorado Springs’ most famous inventor, Nikola Tesla — the new beer is the brewery’s classic Winter Warlock aged on whiskey barrels. The result is a roasty, chocolatey fount of toffee and oatmeal and, needless to say, is frickin’ delicious.


“The fourth brew in the Forgotten Genius series was aged for months in whiskey barrels to allow the rich, classic oatmeal stout to pick up flavors of oak and whiskey, resulting in a complex and refined brew,” reads an email from the brewery. “Notes of chocolate, vanilla, and toffee on top of the Warlock’s familiar roast character come together for luxurious depth of flavor. A fine treat on a frosty night.”

Brewer Chris Hastings estimates the ABV in the 7 percent range; it will definitely warm you up quick. The packaging, designed by Colorado Springs’ Luke Flowers, nods to Tesla’s accomplishments — placing him in The Thinker position and including a poster worded in his native Serbian — while the beloved Warlock character juggles electricity.

This latest four-pack will be fêted tonight at the brewery’s Blackout Party. Attendees will find “black lights, music, guests dressed in white, dark beers on tap and the new four-pack name and label design reveal. There will be five dark beers on tap, including the new Forgotten Genius beer, Winter Warlock, a Winter Warlock cask aged on cherries, Laughing Lab, and Chocolate Porter, plus swag giveaways, a Nikola Tesla appearance, and the announcement of the Forgotten Genius scavenger hunt winner.”

In other news, the brewery plans to start canning two of its beers next year.

[Images: Bryce Crawford, Dionne Roberts]