Happy New Year friends!

New year, same me. Photo credit: Teryn O’Brien

As we embrace another highly anticipated ride around the sun (goodbye and good riddance 2020) we strive to continue to bring you the most pertinent food and beverage news, introduce you to burgeoning craft brands, share satiating recipes and create a thriving community of fellow foodies. We have some big goals for this year, and a large component of that master plan includes the hope that you, our valued readers, can get to know the “us” behind RMFR that much more.

In a real talk sesh with Joe Dudeck, President/Founder of Keyhole Marketing, we have that exact opportunity. We are grateful to share a little bit about who we are, reflect on our food writing journey in Colorado, and tell you why we can’t imagine our lives without the glorious tap tap of this keyboard beneath our fingertips.

Thank you for allowing us to explore our passions for writing and eating & drinking all that is good, while discovering this beautiful, artistic world of gastronomy with you alongside us.

Read our personal Q&A here and as always, we greatly appreciate your support.

*Header image courtesy of joetography