When Fieldhouse Brewing Co. isn’t winning medals — its Fist Pump Milk Stout and Sticky Paws Honey Wheat both won bronze in the Independent’s recent Best Of issue — or experimenting with flavors like a new Lemonhead Saison, it’s expanding out into the world.

Tomorrow at 4 p.m. brings the celebration of the brewery’s launch into bottles. Travis and Niki Fields (disclaimer: good friends) will be at Veterans Wine and Liquor (3630 Austin Bluffs Pkwy.) to show off new bombers of Sticky Paws and the gluten-free IPA Chicks Dig Millets.

In 2013, the Indy described Sticky Paws as “a 6.8-percent ABV beer [now 7.5 percent] that’s best likened to Bristol Brewing Company’s locally famous Beehive Honey Wheat. Travis uses a pound of Schmidt Apiaries honey per 5 gallons presently …”

Updating the latter, a total of 60 pounds of raw wildflower honey from the Colorado Honey Company are now used per batch. And while that particular beer is not gluten-free, though there are several, like the Chicks Dig Millets, at the brewery due to family health issues.