The Green Line Grill (2301/2 Pueblo Avenue) turns six years old at July’s end, but the real reason for longtime fans to celebrate next month should be this: the imminent launch of a Green Line Grill food truck. Owner, Bobby Couch, was just working on his final inspection when we spoke in mid-June, ironing out his plans on where he’d be parking, though he’d already lined up some catering gigs.

The food truck will be bittersweet for Couch, as it would have been run by his son Austin, who passed away earlier this year at age 24.

“It’s something that he wanted to do, that we can do for him,” Couch says.

Green Line on the go. Photo credit: Bobby Couch

If the sit-down joint offers any indication, the family will do well by Austin, as Bobby says the restaurant has been “out of control busy — just constant the last few years … I feel really good about everything we’ve accomplished.”

The Green Line Grill’s local claim to fame is of course the El Reno-style, onion-fried burgers, with Oklahoma roots. Those will be a fixture on the truck, too, but Couch says he’ll likely take the opportunity to “try out a few more things, like maybe onion rings … it depends on where we end up.”

*Header image courtesy of Griffin Swartzell. Edited content published in the Colorado Springs Independent on June 26, 2019.