“Waste not, want not” is something my mother used to always say and our leftover game is not to be trifled with. Therein, we recognize the need to find creative methods to manifest your holiday remnants into something still deemed miraculous, and we find that answer in the form of a damn good sandwich.

Garland grates after it. Photo credit: Taylor Garland

RMFR connects with Taylor Garland, former owner/operator of the Denver-based, grilled cheese food truck, What Would Cheesus Do, to get her resourceful recipe for what we think is a post-holiday hug served up on a plate.

“My favorite comfort food growing up was grilled cheese,” says Garland, [we second that] who began working in the food service industry as a kiddo and ran her successful mobile venture from 2016 until 2018.

“The truck still exists, with a new owner, and now I’m just known as the grilled cheese lady,” laughs Garland. “But, I still eat grilled cheese twice a week and stretchy pants are a staple of my wardrobe.”


Garland breaks down her “new favorite” for us, a sweet and savory combo that’s ideal for using up extras from the big day, and spotlights that fragrant, fuzzy leaf from your stuffing recipe that you have no idea what else to do with.

“This grilled cheese, I just love,” gushes Garland. “For Christmas I did cherry and sage to recreate the red and green, and ham because, it’s a family tradition.”

Cherry, Brie, Ham & Sage Grilled Cheese


  • Sara Lee Artesano Potato Bread
  • Brie Cheese
  • Cream Cheese (Try the Jalapeño Cream Cheese spread from Sprouts)
  • Fresh sage (one leaf per sandwich)
  • Cherry jam or preserves (We recommend Bonne Maman)
  • Ham (leftovers work great!)
  • Butter, mayonnaise or similar spread 

Start by laying both slices of bread open.

Spread the jam/preserves on one slice and lay two slices of brie on top.

Using kitchen scissors, snip tiny pieces of the sage leaf across the brie.

Lay the ham on top to your desired thickness.

Place a few small cubes of cream cheese on top and top with the other slice of bread.

Heat a griddle or skillet to medium to medium-low heat.

Spread mayonnaise or butter on the outside of the bread and place on the warm griddle, cooking until each side is golden brown.

Slice and devour!

A heavenly dairy trio to keep the holidays going strong. Photo credit: Taylor Garland

“The Sara Lee bread is ideal for grilled cheese,” says Garland. “Like Texas toast, it’s thick but soft so it allows you to put on heavier ingredients. It’s not dense so it helps to heat everything inside and get the cheese nice & gooey.”

Garland’s PRO TIP: “I always tell people the trick to getting the perfect golden griddle is to use mayonnaise instead of butter. Spread a light layer on, “coast to coast” so it’s on all edges of the bread. Mayo has a higher smoke point so you can cook it a little bit longer to get the cheese warm without burning the bread.”

Plus, she urges folks recreating the recipe not to “shy away from cream cheese, as that is a huge mistake because it makes it creamy and divine.”

Seriously. Mayo, cream cheese and brie?

Utter brilliance.

*Header image courtesy of What Would Cheesus Do