At the end of this winding tunnel we call the year 2020, let there be some brilliant light.

As the holiday season issued its beckon call, we began to brainstorm new ways to connect with you, our awesome readers, and find creative opportunities to collaborate with other local businesses that we mad respect. So, over spicy margaritas at Dos Santos with our friend, Kelsee Campbell, founder of BerryGoodGoods, the produce pun spinning guru, we came up with a bright idea. Let’s take some of our favorite food and beverage scents and create tangible, practical and delicious smelling gifts that keep on giving, candles.

Get ’em while they’re hot.

Right away our wheels started to turn and partnering with one of Colorado Springs’ most successful craft breweries, Cerberus Brewing Company, to replicate the nose on their wildly popular Elysium IPA is our debut into the world of wax.

“We want to be part of what makes Colorado and especially Colorado Springs shine,” says Carrie Simison, Cerberus Brewing Co. brand ambassador. “RMFR has been a supporter of what we do here since day one and the opportunity to create a new product that represents both our missions was a no brainer. It’s a product that’s outside of the box from our usual beer, food, merchandise… but at the same time fits so well.”

For us, Elysium is just one of many craft brews we reach for at Cerberus but if you take a moment to gaze around the beer garden, it’s haze for days and clearly a nectar that appeals to the masses. Although Josh Adamski, head brewer at Cerberus Brewing Co. admits he “never thought Elysium would be the flagship IPA” (being more of a “dank, old school, West Coast IPA guy”), what their staff refers to as “Big Kid Orange Juice” is certainly catching.

“Tasty, tasty.”

“Elysium hit at a time when people who weren’t even IPA fans were willing to try a New England IPA,” says Simison. “With its grapefruit and orange forward flavors, they temper the bitter hops that people have come to expect from big IPAs.”

As of early December, Cerberus Brewing Co. distributes their beloved juice bombs to local stores, sold in 16-oz. 4-pack cans so you can simultaneously burn your Elysium candle while enjoying tall boys of the real deal in the comfort of your own living space.

“I love the description we have on the side of the new cans,” says Simison. “Elysium, our flagship New England-style IPA, is a paradise for heroes and IPA lovers like yourself. Full of grapefruit, orange and mango notes, it’s reason to strive for immortality.”

The Elysium candle is up for grabs now at Cerberus Brewing Co. for $16. Or, get the most bang for your buck with one of their Winter Warmer Baskets featuring brand spanking new merch, our Elysium candle and beer tokens:

  • Winter Warmer Basket: Choice of one of our 3 new hoodies, logo pom beanie, Elysium candle, logo flame socks & 2 beer tokens. (Value: $111; Price: $99.00)
  • Winter Warmer Lite Basket: Logo pom beanie, Elysium candle, logo flame socks & beer token. (Value: $54; Price: $48.60) 

“With everything we do, we try to source, support, promote and collaborate local,” says Simison. “That way when we benefit, our community and region benefit. We can’t wait to have an Elysium candle on every holiday table, or in holiday stockings…hint, hint, this year.”

Support THREE local businesses all in one 8-oz. aluminum tin!

For more flavor profiles from RMFR x BerryGoodGoods, visit both Eclectic Co. locations, downtown and in Old Colorado City, to get a whiff of our Wyeline inspired candles. Choose between a “Sun Up” scent after their magical morning baked goods: Cinnamon Sugar Donut or “Sun Down” highlighting one of their classic craft cocktails, The Last Word, with hints of cherry, lime & juniper.

Stay plugged into our site and social media channels for updates as more smells lie on the horizon to keep your home office feeling fresh. Happy holidays from us at RMFR & thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting local.

*All imagery courtesy of BerryGoodGoods & Cerberus Brewing Co.