An appeal to novelty, the idea that something is superior just because its new is regarded as false but in certain cases, a modern take can be beneficial in helping to mold our once mild expectations into a more sophisticated, forward thinking state of mind. When it comes to the Springs’ freshest restaurant additions, perhaps newer is better and RMFR shares the scoop on three F&B additions you need to seek out.

Get Trainwreck-ed with games, grub and brewskis galore.

Head over to Springs Mag to read our latest article, “3 of the Best New Restaurants to Go Try Now” that highlights newbies: Tokki, a hip lounge serving well executed Asian fusion and fanciful cocktails; Milagro’s Cocina, an upscale Mexican restaurant & bar that combines traditional and modern recipes with Colorado flare; Trainwreck, an entertainment driven indoor/outdoor mega-plex with a loaded list of bar food and local craft beer.

These differing concepts welcome more culturally inclined cuisine, curate thoughtful menus and elevate what you know about ambiance while adding some much needed buzz and flavor to our food scene. With locations that range from the bustling Academy corridor to the Westside’s chill Cheyenne Mountain neighborhood, these eateries are serving patrons with refreshing dining experiences and acting as pivotal progress for quality nightlife in Colorado Springs.

Wave bye bye to the manic Mansion. Colorado Springs kicks up the evening options.
Wave bye bye to the manic Mansion. Colorado Springs is finally getting lit. PC: Tokki


*Photo credit: REN Creativ