The Passport Program, founded in Denver, Colorado in 2013, is a little black book full of 2-for-1 drink deals.  Now the promotional push includes seven additional foodie cities: Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Kansas City, Nashville, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

“The demand for The Passport Program continues to grow every year,” said Amy Osgood of The Passport Program. “This demand is coming from both purchasers and establishments that want to participate. Passport holders love to explore both the new and old locations featured within. Venues see the program as an opportunity to grow their customer base, and highlight what libations they produce best.”

The program launched on May 26 and is valid through September 4. By visiting participating establishments, passport holders can redeem their coupon and earn a stamp. The objective spurs locals and visitors alike to get out and experience the restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries and wineries in their prospective cities.

“Summer is the season of both relaxation and adventure,” says Osgood. “The Passport Program brings these experiences together, and serves as a field guide to exploring the food and beverage scene in a new unique way.”

The Colorado Springs passport is available for $20 and will donate $1 from every book sold to the Colorado Health Network. The CHN is responsible for assisting those at risk or living with HIV/AIDS to choose healthy options that maximize and enhance their quality of life.