On Saturday, July 28, La Sandia Cantina in Denver, hosts an interactive cooking class with international chef Richard Sandoval from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. where he invites children 7-years-old and up (with an accompanying parent or guardian) to learn fun and easy Mexican recipes.

Families get an exclusive lesson on Sandoval’s cooking techniques while they learn about the history of Latin cuisine. This hands-on class allows each child to prepare a variety of dishes inspired by the La Sandia menu, such as traditional guacamole, carnitas sliders, veggie tacos and Mexican donuts with a batch of their famous watermelon agua fresca. Every family receives a signed copy of Sandoval’s cookbook, “New Latin Flavors and parents get a free margarita card for future visits. As a father himself, Sandoval says he enjoys cooking with his own children and hopes to give other parents the same opportunity.

Mexican donuts. Photo credit: Channing Broderick

“In our culture, in Mexico, family is important,” says Sandoval. “When I was a child, our entire family would get together at my grandparents’ home. You can imagine this long table with about 20 people, with my grandmother sitting at the end. She would cook six or seven courses all morning, and there I was, a young boy of eight or nine, watching what they were doing. These are some of the experiences that made me excited about food. I’m hoping this class does the same for other children.”

Find available tickets for $40.00 per participant, here.

Traditional guacamole. Photo credit: Margaret Lefton

La Sandia Cantina, 8340 Northfield Boulevard#1690, Denver, CO 80238

*Header photo credit:  Kayla Jones