When you’re in search of the most reliable information about any subject, it’s best to go straight to the source for a professional opinion. Dining out is no exception. When it comes to finding delicious local eats, who better to recommend their favorite, tried and true restaurants, dishes and drinks than those who are handling the cooking? So we checked in with three executive chefs operating successful kitchens across Colorado Springs — all of them on the Springs Magazine 30 Best Restaurants in Colorado Springs.

The chefs came through with valuable, insider insights, restaurant recommendations and tips on some of their favorite food in Colorado Springs. This is where the chefs eat and where the pros spend their precious free time to satisfy their cravings.

Click here to find out where James Africano, owner/executive chef at The Warehouse; Ian Dedrickson, owner/chef at Ephemera; and Steven Bailey, co-owner/chef at Atmosphere Gastropub all grub down when they’re not on the clock.

Header image courtesy of The Warehouse Restaurant & Gallery