A collection of food stories from across the web.

• Pumpkin spice lattes are set to flood Colorado Springs Starbucks and McDonald’s. (KOAA)

• New outfit Local Relic Brewery will make small batches in a space next to Axe and the Oak Distillery. (Colorado Springs Independent)

• “I got my kids first and then I thought about my ribs and I didn’t want to let my ribs burn.” (KMPH)

• Brands like Chobani and Amy’s Kitchen are opening brick-and-mortar outlets while restaurants are moving into the supermarket space. (Eater)

• President Obama buys all the cinnamon rolls in an Alaskan cafe. (Associated Press)

• McDonald’s to offer all-day breakfast. (Wall Street Journal)

• 7-Eleven begins limited delivery in three cities. (No Slurpees. Sorry.) (Associated Press)

• Paula Deen to shake that sass on Dancing with the Stars. (People)

• Good or bad, Americans are obsessed with bottled water. (Washington Post)