A collection of food stories from across the web.

• A group of pet-food buyers are suing Nestlé, alleging the company used slave labor and human trafficking to provide the seafood in its cat food. (CBS News)

• There are more female athlete than ever, but many are malnourished. “The danger they face is called female athlete triad syndrome.” (NPR)

• Companies like ConAgra, Atkins Nutritionals and General Mills are sinking millions into new R&D centers in hopes of making frozen food better. (New York Times)

• A new study offers more evidence that food may be addictive. (CBS News)

• “How it feels when white people shame your culture’s food — and then make it trendy.” (Washington Post)

• A law firm in San Francisco is filing a class-action lawsuit against Denver-based Chipotle Mexican Grill, alleging its GMO-free claims are false. (CBS Sacramento) (Press release)