Last Friday, we and 200 of our friends partied at Cottonwood Center for the Arts in celebration of Rocky Mountain Food Report’s first birthday.

We were honored to do so in conjunction with Cottonwood’s First Friday art opening, and were joined by our friends artist Liese Chavez and chef Brother Luck, and presented amazing food from Luck, Rocky Mountain BBQ and Blank Canvas Cafe.

It’s been a great year, with the site growing to a high of some 8,000 readers; being joined by writers like J.L Fields, Michele Mukatis; and the debut of staff writer Dionne Roberts. We’re delighted to work with our advertisers at Springs Orleans, Front Range Barbeque, The Famous and Ginseng Creative. And everyday we’re proud and thankful to be living in this city.

Edie and I love you for reading. As the kids say: hashtag blessed. Now on to the party!

Ready to rock in Cottonwood’s main gallery.
Artist and friend Liese Chavez.
Friends, from left: Cully Radvillas, Hailey Radvillas, Kevin Westendorf, Nathan Valentine, Leah Valentine and Brenda Figueroa-Gonzalez.
Chef Luck’s set-up.
The man himself: Brother Luck.
Chicharrones nacho by Luck.
From left: Cottonwood board president David Lord, Cottonwood executive director Jon Khoury and Susan Edmondson, president of the Downtown Partnership.
From left: Ginseng Creative owner Tanya Shaw and Dionne Roberts with the Rocky Mountain Food Report.
From left: (Don’t kill me for forgetting or misspelling) our friend Hillary with Local Food CS, and friend Deb Courtney of Courtney Literary.
From left: Roberts’ husband Ryan, RMFR co-owner and writer Edie Crawford, and Downtown Partnership urban engagement manager Claire Swinford.
Good night, all!

[Images: Bryce Crawford]