Did you miss our radio voice? Well, we are back on the mic at R&D Studios chatting with chef Jay Gust, president of Ascent Restaurant Group, and chef Mark Henry, president of Elevated Carnivore Group, to discuss what it’s really like “Livin’ that Chef Life.” 

Tune in to hear our insightful conversation as Gust and Henry hone in on the highs and lows of being successful restaurateurs and we find out why these talented culinarians genuinely want, and ultimately need, your honest feedback. 

Left to right: Mark Henry, owner of Rooster’s House of Ramen & Happy Belly Tacos; Jay Gust, owner of TAPAteria & Pizzeria Rustica want your comments!

Listen here on SoundCloud as these Colorado Springs based chef proprietors frankly discuss everything from balancing family and work life to the consequences of the minimum wage increases.

*Header image courtesy of TAPAteria