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I recently ate at Arabian Nights Cafe (8029 Academy Blvd) and enjoyed the food so much I wanted to tell the world.  So if you haven’t experienced this place yet PLEASE give it a try.



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Some tidbits about Arabian Nights Cafe (8029 N. Academy Blvd., 219-8140) lazily pulled from Yelp:

• This baklava looks dope.

• “Lamb was perfectly grilled, flavorful and tender.  There were also some perfectly grilled vegetables which really finished off the sandwich well.  A much nicer accompaniment than cheap iceberg lettuce as most restaurants serve.  We appreciate the attention to detail and the quality ingredients.”

• “THIS is the kind of restaurant this town needs badly. I have had the Chicken, Beef Kabab, the Chicken Tawook, Lentil Soup, Falafel and of course the pita with hummus. All dishes have been beyond my expectations.”

[Image: From Yelp]