We’re a few weeks into the new world of chef James Africano’s The Warehouse and the food coming out of the kitchen looks killer. Talking to the Report in October, Africano said he was excited to give the restaurant back to the people, bringing down prices, increasing shareable plates and playing around with stuff like rabbit “wings.”

Asked how business has been since opening, Africano says, “Not bad but could be better for sure. It’s growing slowly organically. It’s good.”

Former Gazette restaurant critic M.B. Partlow recently weighed-in on the new restaurant, writing on Nov. 5, “If you haven’t been, I can’t imagine what you’re waiting for,” she says. “Staff is excellent, food is incredible, James is rocking the kitchen. … Go! Eat! Celebrate the return of James Africano! (And please, take me with you!)”

Here’s a taste of what’s been happening:

[Images: Courtesy James Africano]