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The Famous Steak House will broaden its footprint this summer with the opening of a second location in Castle Rock, at the northwest corner of Founders Parkway and Interstate 25. Perry Sanders, co-owner of The Famous (as well as The Mining Exchange and The Antlers hotel), says that their “beautiful building” is in a “prime location” that includes three levels and spans more than 10,000 square feet, complete with wine lockers, cigar humidors and west-facing nanowalls.

“There’s no obstructions looking at the mountains,” says Sanders. “I don’t think I ever have sat around a place that has a better view than this.”

Sanders says the concept for The Famous in Castle Rock is virtually the same as its Colorado Springs counterpart, and says they’re “going to go with what brung us,” although guests can expect a “little more of an indoor-outdoor feel.”

“We have a lot of friends and fans that go back and forth to Denver, so we should see some transient business coupled with locals and South Denver residents,” predicts Sanders. “This fills a niche.”

Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Photo credit: The Famous Steak House

Colorado Springs receives a piece of the Sunshine State this summer with the upcoming opening of ClawFish, a fast-casual seafood restaurant inspired by Melbourne Seafood Station, a small chain based out of Florida. The addition of a focused concept built on fresh oceanic proteins is always welcome in our land-locked state, but Nick Moon, co-owner of ClawFish (along with his wife Naomi and The Famous’ Perry Sanders, among other partners), says “the real appeal is our garlic sauce.”

“It’s really popular and really makes the seafood taste that much better,” says Moon, who notes they’ll be incorporating a new flavor with Asian flair that harnesses ginger, Chinese five spice, onion and chile, created specifically for the Colorado Springs location, at 315 W. Bijou St. in the former Denny’s space.

Moon says he plans to utilize his family’s wholesale seafood background and knowledge of wild-caught sourcing to provide affordable baskets of boiled or steamed lobster, scallops, snow crab, shrimp and crawfish served with corn, potatoes and sausage within a $20 to $35 price range.

“It’s quality but it’s not a dress-up atmosphere,” says Moon, who notes that the restaurant will provide counter service. “We want people to come, not just on a special occasion, and find a price point to enjoy seafood multiple times per month.”

Bountiful Baskets. Photo credit: Melbourne Seafood Station

*Header image courtesy of Scott Majors Photography

First publication in the Colorado Springs Independent on March 27, 2019.