Mezcal, the mystifying and versatile Oaxacan-born spirit, ranges from a variant in Moscow mules to making for some ultra strong and smoky margaritas. This “elixir of the gods” known as the ancient Mayan people’s nectar, shares biological ties to tequila (also derived from the agave plant), but discerns itself due to its point of origin and earthy distillation process.

Mezcal, more than just a spirit.

The unique liquid continues to gain momentum as it lights up modern cocktail menus but transitions well beyond the bar, serving as the poignant epicenter of a tight nit sect of Mexican brotherhood. In the documentary “Sons of Mezcal,” releasing in spring of 2021, Stephan Werk, director and executive producer, curates an in- depth look at the sanctity of this libation and its all encompassing contribution to Zapotec families.

“As we say in our tagline, the film transports you into this living history,” says Werk. “You’re naturally going to learn how mezcal is made from start to finish but, the goal is to show a different culture. We want to immerse you into the everyday life of what it’s like to be a mezcalera.”

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Plus, find an easy & delicious mezcal cocktail recipe “Orange Crush” from Brian Rossi, owner of Palenque Cocina y Agaveria in Littleton, Colorado.

*All images courtesy of Werk Creative