Recently, the Report talked to baker Shawn Saunders about the cool new loaves of Emmer and Einkorn coming out of the ovens of his Sourdough Boulangerie.

“Saunders buys eggs from a guy out east who raises Ameraucana chickens just for him,” we wrote Oct. 5. “And you can already find his brioche buns at McCabe’s Tavern, ciabatta buns at Seeds Community Cafe, whole-wheat kaiser rolls at Skirted Heifer and more at places like the Burrowing Owl and Brother Luck Street Eats.”

Now Saunders has announced another place you can find his organic bread: The bakery’s new location at 1228 E. Fillmore St., where he’ll be sharing the old Conway’s Red Top restaurant with the Mountain Pie Co. according to a Facebook post.

“Now there will also be 2 more locations as well that we will have our products,” Saunders writes. “First is the main processing facility for Ranch foods direct @ town center out off Platte and Wooten the other will be in the Colorado Springs public market downtown in the old Carter – Payne building across the street from Apex motorsports. We will be expanding our breads and adding pastries, bagels, and a few select sweets.”