Manitou Springs’ little alleyway gem, Swirl Wine Bar, is 25 days away from the end of its Kickstarter campaign, and so far has found 14 backers to help raise $1,923 of a hoped for $10,000.  The need for cash is not only to expand services but to survive the competition (not to mention the lack of tourists in the winter).

“The town has changed a lot after forest fires and floods,” reads the campaign. “We now see ourselves drowning in this new, high volume corporate restaurant atmosphere and we need that oomph to compete. To let the locals know we are still thinking of them, thinking of what will create that special moment over great drinks and amazing, locally sourced food.”

The restaurant and wine bar hopes to expand its kitchen, hire more staff “to make our vision of farm to table come true,” and expand the food menu. There are also plans to upgrade the electrical in the kitchen, and buy a new oven and hopefully a refrigerator to replace “an antique refrigerator behind the bar that is coming apart at the seams.”