In today’s day and age, there are an exorbitant amount of food and beverage focused events to spend your hard earned money on, many of which are totally worth the time and moolah you invest but, not all are created equal. Many moons ago during a podcast with Focus on the Beer we had the opportunity to better understand the sought-after buzz words one should look for when selecting worthwhile beer festivals and since that day, and probably beforehand because it’s a fantastical sounding piece of English language, we seek out and attend these intimate beer-laden moments better known as rendezvous.

The annual Firkin Rendezvous, held on Saturday, February 22, at Bristol Brewing Co. is always a highly anticipated fundraiser for the Colorado Brewers Guild and this year, possibly even more so after a very abrupt and unfortunate cancelation in February 2019. So to come back after 700+ days of missing the black body suit clad and red raven haired Firkin mascot gone rogue…well, people got excited and we claim to be amongst them.

We spent the day getting down on the red beer, as did many others, a Bloody Mary kolsch from Red Leg Brewing Co. earning them the “People’s Choice” award, a golden firkin to fill for next year’s imbibing festivities. Other standout brewskis for us include the Malbec stout from Ska Brewing, a tiki inspired New England IPA with toasted coconut from Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, the Russell Kelly IPA featuring Mosaic hop terpenes from Telluride Brewing Co. and the Banana-Vanilla Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing Co.

Firkin shenanigans a la Jeff Airman, head brewer at Paradox Beer Co.

Witness the good times roll right here in our video reel and watch us tap our very first firkin, see an engaged crowd of festival goers, the entertainment that is dancing brewers and an overall fantastic display of pure fun that sums up what the craft beer community in Colorado is truly all about.

Header image courtesy of Focus on the Beer