Check out pictures from last year’s Haunted Brew Fest and you’ll see blood-covered ax murderers, some dude standing on a moving bicycle, 12-foot-tall evil clowns, what looks to be a lizard and biker hugging, and lots and lots of beer.

In short, it seems a pretty rocking time for the Halloween-minded.

If you want some of that for yourself, the Report has confirmed tickets are still available for tomorrow’s Haunted Brew Fest, happening in three sessions — a VIP and two normal — at the Colorado Springs Event Center.  If you’re able to buy today, tickets are still $35 but jump to $40 at the door tomorrow. They get you some 40 breweries pouring over 100 different beers two ounces at a time, accompanied by live entertainment.

Festival goers also get discounts to participating haunted houses, because that’s the other thing: Haunted house people are wandering the crowd.

“The Haunted Brew Fest is literally a one of a kind event in the entire world,” says the event website. “We plan on bringing an unforgettable experience for all our attendees by partnering with the most popular haunted house attractions in Colorado!

“Ghouls Gulch & Sanitarium Haunted House’s award-winning cast and characters will be roaming the Haunted Brew Fest and offering discount tickets to the haunted house for easy entry at the end of the brew fest at 7 p.m.

“The Haunted House is literally right next door …”