Update: Colorado Department of Revenue officials determined Stowell did not find the loophole that he thought he had and prevented delivery.

Back in October, we gave you a deep look at Triple S Brewing, a new downtown venture from brewer and owner Steve Stowell, a former member of Special Forces. Stowell is doing cool things like treating his water with magnesium and calcium and never exposing his beer to air until it hits your glass.

Now comes another great offering: growler delivery. Today at 4 p.m. Triple S will deliver a growler to the offices of Bomb Bomb, becoming the first in the state to offer such a service according to a press release from the Downtown Partnership.

“Think of us as the ‘milkmen’ of beer delivery,” Stowell says in the release. “We show up with new growlers and take your empty ones away for reuse.”

Here’s how to participate:

When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from  4-9pm

Where: 80903 zip code, businesses and residential

How: Call 719-344-5477 to pre-schedule

What: Any beer that is on tap at Triple S Brewery, as many as eight different varieties.

Cost: $14 per growler, plus $3 refundable growler deposit