Here in Colorado, we harbor a sought-after way of life that includes ample days of sunshine, living on mountain time and the space to carve up the most cherry pow pow you’ve ever seen. As folks flock here in search of outdoorsy ideals there is an inherent need for good nutrition to ensure we can get our asses all the way up (and back down) these sky high peaks. Since we proudly own the reputation as one of the most physically fit states in a country, we see a need for a locally hatched source for sustainable fuel to keep scaling, skiing and summiting the way good Coloradans should.

Insert Fast Fit Foods, founded in 2017, and the brainchild of a group of personal trainers and military veterans in Colorado Springs, with the goal to provide access to delicious, healthy food. FFF opened its first store on the Southside (445 E. Cheyenne Mtn. Rd.) in 2018, followed by a second location in the Northeast sector (5988 Stetson Hills Blvd) in 2019, and most recently, a third location conveniently placed catty-corner to VASA Fitness (3018 N. Nevada Ave.), in 2022.

“We grew from word of mouth referrals from happy clients,” says Tillman Huett, CEO/Founder of Fast Fit Foods. “They loved how much time they saved by having fresh, ready made meals.”

Since most of us appreciate the tediousness and timeliness that food-prep and cooking requires, checking this box with a meal service that tastes good and is good for us, is a major plus. RMFR noshes on these fresh, ready made meals that are clutch for keeping nutritional goals on track and serve as a lifesaver for hectic post-practice, post-piano, crazy kind of evenings when it’s time to put supper on the table, like now.

“For some, we are a faster and healthier alternative to the drive-thru or dining out,” says Huett. “For others, we’ve replaced the grocery store.”

Make it a fiesta with this gluten-free Mexi-dish.

These meals are making life easier for everyone from new mothers to handicapped individuals to military members in town for extended stays, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal when on-the-go or on the road. With FFF’s credentials as the top reviewed meal service in Colorado Springs, the company promises a well-educated, culinary teams is responsible for preparing and executing all your daily dishes.

“Our chefs are experts, with multiple certifications, to ensure we offer the highest quality of food,” says Huett. “Among our staff we offer 40+ years of kitchen experience.”

When weighing the costly price of groceries and time it takes to shop, this alternative to from scratch cooking or eating out might be the most homegrown option on the market. Despite food prices continuing to rise at an astronomical rate, Fast Fit Foods managed to lower their prices in 2023, but promises the same quality ingredients that endure a rigorous evaluation process before ever touching your lips.

“We have access to fresh farm cooperatives so we receive fresher ingredients than you could find in the grocery store,” explains Huett. “Our ingredients are all natural and we eliminate any additives and preservatives.”

A savory Korean BBQ steak bowl satisfies with nearly 30 grams of protein.

In addition to providing yummy convenience, Fast Fit Foods is about community with discounts for military personnel, fire fighters, health care providers and police officers as well as at numerous local gyms. With that same mission in mind, they donate 10,000 meals a year to local charities, promote sustainability through an avid recycling program and partner with other area businesses to provide meals for their staff.

“As we grow, we will increase our community impact by continuing to invest locally,” says Huett. “We expect to serve Denver and Pueblo in the coming years, along with continuing to expand in Colorado Springs.”

The Fast Fit Food owners are actively involved on-site at each location so patrons can get face time to discuss personal training, sports nutrition and pertinent physical and wellness maintenance. Plus, customers get access to a local certified nutritionist who can build clients a customized meal plan for free.

“Oftentimes, getting into a healthy lifestyle can seem extremely daunting,” says Huett. “We make health and fitness easy to understand with in-depth explanations of our meals and supplements in a judgement free environment.”

FFF brings saucy & spicy dishes to the table.

Customers can choose between one-time orders or subscribe to weekly recurring meals for pickup at any retail location (seven days a week from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.) or get it delivered anywhere in Colorado Springs, with delivery also available in Pueblo on Saturdays.

We have the internal mantra to provide an experience that a client would rave to their friends about,” says Huett. “We love that our customers regularly tell us how we are doing and believe feedback makes our business better.”

Check out Fast Fit Foods full menu by clicking here and don’t skip the protein bites for dessert!