Having just discovered the sound and the fury that is Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Flavored Whiskey, we humbly submit our antidote to these cold and rainy days.

This tea drinker and whiskey lover had fumbled with hot toddy/tea cocktail recipes before, but results veered too sweet, too strong, or just too many steps. This is two ingredients, bare minimum, and somehow the peppermint and the peach play together so perfectly for a bracing, fun flavor all its own. And though it’s hard to improve on whiskey with rocks, here at least you’re getting the benefits of tea for less soggy mornings after.

Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Flavored Whiskey, Rocky Mountain Food Report, cocktail, recipe, Colorado Springs, food newsPeach and pepper(mint) fun fest 

4 oz. fresh brewed hot peppermint tea (we used Celestial Seasonings)

1 oz. Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Flavored Whiskey

Garnish with cinnamon stick, lemon twist and nutmeg. Serve hot.

[Images: Edie Crawford}